Pharmacy Non Woven Sodium Alginate Surgical Wound Dressing

Basic Information
Place of Origin: WuHan of China
Brand Name: HaoYao
Certification: SGS,GMP
Model Number: Dressing-2
Minimum Order Quantity: 100000
Price: 1USD-7USD
Packaging Details: 15CMX15CM 10PCS/BOX
Delivery Time: 5-8DAY
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 10000PCS/DAY
Detail Information
Material: Non-woven Fabric Type: Surgical Supplies Materials
Ethylene Oxide Sterilization: Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Group: Adult
Specification: 7x6cm, 10x10cm, 10x15cm Or Customizable Quality Guarantee Period: Two Years
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Sodium Alginate Surgical Wound Dressing


Non Woven Surgical Wound Dressing

Product Description

High Absorbent Antimicrobial Surgical Wound Dressing


Principle and properties
1,Hydrogel Film Fast:
The inner layer contacted the surgical surface after,sodium alginate absorbing the blood with exudate,and cleared to the medical saline or povidone iodine,the hydrogel film of the soft net modal formed in the two to five minutes with closed the surgical surface,and the moist spaces have created.
2,Hydrogel Film Breath:
The hydrogel film has a good air breath and water vapour,with the overmuch blood and exudate to be absorbed by the hydrogel have pemeability film ,the wound-healing film layer keep the moist space all without effusion.
3,Surgical-part painful Gently:
The surface formed of the Hydrogel film make sure nerve endings is effective means,without any irritation and pain,so that the surgical wound can be segregated from and to be protected.


Lab Material(GEL FILM)
Medical Cellulose Acetate (AC) Polyvinyl chloride
(PVC )
Polylatic Acid (PLA) Sodium alginate(SA/NaAlg)
Water Loss
(API %)
TEST T(H)          
16H 9.0 0.15 0.28 8.4 14.5
24H 14.4 0.22 0.30 14.0 33.7
40H 25.9 0.41 0.51 25.0 57.6

4,Blood and Hemostasis:
Sodium alginate by crosslinking formed net structure hydorgel film, the progress have anti swelling pressure to surgical surface, the surgical wound with tumid to be shorted and blood hemostasis rapidly.


Material(penetrated) Molecular Weight Chamber quantity (Hydrotherapeutics/Sample Solution) x100%
4H 6H 8H 12H
Glucose 1980 97 100 100 100
Vitamin B1,B2 1300 65 82 94 94
Insulin 5700 62 77 85 92
Hemoglobin 60000 0.5 0.7 1.1 1.1

5,Bacteriostasis, anti-inflammatory and anti-infection:
The hydrogel film layer have an good breach with permeability to be passed small and medium molecular,but the hemoglobin with large molecular to be impenetrable by the hydrogel film layer,while maybe the large molecular bacteria body can't pass.The hydrogel is effctively and the bacteria to be keep subspace distance on the wound dressing surface treatment of spaces.
<1>It is useful to neutrophile aranulocyte in the wet with subacidity sitution case,has bacterica inhibitory and and the lowest anti-inflammatory effects.
<2>To be debridement for has the necrotic of the wounds in short times , which the infected wound to be repaired with protected..
6,Wound-healing shortly:
Fit to Moderate moist wound spaces,acidic slightly,hypoxic or a noxic which it is humidity can promote the release of growth-healing factors, stimulated to proliferation, improved the regeneration ability of epidermal cells, accelerated to movement, and promote wound healing.
7,Reduces Scar:
<1>The hydrogel without any irritation and pain to wound surgical surface.
<2>The moderate moist wound spaces without incrustation,replace without adhesion noes with secondary break, while reduced to the scar formation effectively.
<3>The hydrogel film have an feedback pressure to cell,which it is feedback inhibition to scar treatment of spaces.
<4>Wound-healing without Eschar on the moist states of spaces ,while the scar treatment reduced to the surface as the same obviously.

Sodium Alginate Indication
1,Various operation surgical ,and minimally invasive surgical wounds;
2,All superficial and partical of Wounds of burns and skin donor sites;
3,Chronic wounds, such as: Venous ulcer Pressure ulcer Arterial ulcer Diabetic foot ulcer.
4,All kinds of shallow superficial pollution and inflammatory infectious wounds.

Sodium Alginate advantage
1,Hydrogel to water,which different in cal alginate wound dressing formed to the film blood with exudate,the sodium alginates to water(and salt,and so on) formed to hydrogel that is must NA+ with Ca+,so then,the haoyao is better for a fel of surgical wound of blood with exudate.
2,Effectived quickly: the internet hydrogel film to be formed in the two to five minuter;
3,High concentration, hygroscopicity , the unique special process technology that make sure high concentration of sodium alginate widely with the wound surface to hydrogel film;
4,The hydrogel created to new film so that the scar without spacies;
5,Concentration strongly: sodium alginate absorbed to concentration more and quickly,which absorpted the blood with exudate wight twenty and the alright absorbed it,and the wound can not be infused by its from the wound surgical without others.

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